Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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Monday, November 22, 2010

The New School.

Last June when we got our summer holidays, we decided to do up the school. It took the builders the whole summer to do it. They only finished it at 8pm on the 31st of August, the day before we went back to school. I cycled to schtyftydydjtydgfdghfdd hgd hg dghd hgd hgd ghd gh dhg dhgd hgd hgd hgd hgdf eve how much it had changed! 
There is now a zebra crossing, six parking spots and a square called the drop off box where the parents drop off their children. We also got a soft play area in the small playground; it is really nice. Now we have more room on the grass because we pushed up the kerb but now we have to wait until the grass grows before we go and play on it.
The school has been repainted. Nnow it is brown and yellow. It may sound funny or different but its quite nice. There is also a small shed in the big shed where we keep all the PE gear. The teachers have their own place to eat as well and Mrs O’Riordan has her own room to work in too. Then after Halloween we got a porch. It is also really nice. It is all tiled and painted. I love our new school and will miss it when I go to secondary school.
Preparing the soft-play area, August 2010

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